Our Mission: 

The Lovely Adventure strives to create inspirational pieces to remind everyone that they matter and are loved.


be you. 

You are loved // You are important // The world needed a you // Don't give up // Shine Bright

Sharing Inspiration through our blog and a monthly repurposed vintage online pop up shop that offers items as a reminder that you matter. 

Many items are repurposed vintage and show that you can always change your path and start a new adventure.


About Me...



I am a lover of all things lovely, vintage and a little bit girly.  I have an eclectic taste and love being creative, re-using and re-purposing.  I created The Lovely Adventure to bring my love of re-purposing, vintage and inspiring others all together.  It's a love that has stemmed from finding beauty in the story that so many of my found pieces hold and giving them a new one, a new lovely adventure. 

 I'm probably somewhere between a crazy health kick and stuffing bars of sea salt almond chocolate in my mouth.  Sunshine and beaches are my love language. I have always been a Christ follower, though I veer off the path almost daily.  He died for us so that we may live, and for that I have no words, but live my life in thanks. 

I frequently blog about my re-purposing projects, make terrible jokes that only my dad likes and post pictures of my favorite vintage finds (I'm a frequent estate/garage sale attendee).

My Lovely Adventure Shop is open just once a month, on the last Friday and Saturday, to bring you my newest re-purposed treasures. 

 I have a creative mind and it has taken me a while to find my gifts and accept who I am but I am almost there and so thankful to share our lovely adventure with you. 




I couldn't do it without...


He is a lover of all things adventurous, outdoors and a little bit manly.  My Aussie husband loves climbing, hiking, paddling and general exploring. He is continually trying to be the best he can be.  Always learning, seeking knowledge and trying to gain a better understanding of the world and those he interacts with.  He's my greatest adventure and none of my dreams would be possible without his hand to hold, prayers and friendship. 


P.S. You're the best. 


The Lovely Adventurers