Be Kind To Yourself

Dear Ones, 

This blog post doesn't have a new DIY project, it doesn't have a carefully cropped picture of a decorated part of my lovely yellow house, it doesn't even have a new revolutionary idea.  The truth is that this week (and for several weeks) life has just been stressful.  I haven't had time for new DIY projects. My house is an absolute disaster... please don't think I'm exaggerating. It is real. I think the last meal I cooked was about two weeks ago... sorry Russ. Frozen pizzas and Chick-fila salads for the win. I have about 3909238423 unread emails, voice mails I don't have even an ounce of energy to listen to and messages and texts I've read but my brain never stored because its too full and I wake up at night panicking that I forgot to respond and so I must write it in my planner before I forget for yet another week. 

I've been asked the usual, "Andrea! How are you?" and my typical response has been a large exhale and, "good, busy and a bit stressed (understatement of the year) but good."  Most people smile and nod... but others, have said things like, "when are you not?" (no intent to be unkind... just being real.) or, "Yeah!  You're always into some big project!".  And those comments hit me, really hard. They made me sad. I don't want to be that "busy and a bit stressed" person.  I don't want to be doing so many projects that I don't have time to invest in people or myself.  

So this past week I took a long hard look at the tornado of spinning projects and decided that it must end.  Some projects can't end immediately but they will.  Other projects I want to invest more into.  I have to let go of things. And I thought of this quote: 

Be Kind to yourself  The Lovely Adventure


Before this little season of my life I always thought this quote was about "pampering yourself" and saying things in the mirror like, "hey, good lookin'" or "dang, I look good today".  But I've realized this past week that being kind to yourself can mean to let things go. to say no. To know what you're worth and what is valuable to you.

People are valuable to me. My faith and the Christ-centered community I've found in this beautiful valley is so valuable to me.  You, my sweet lovely adventuring souls are valuable to me. My husband is valuable to me and so are our healthy eating habits... probably doesn't include frozen pizza and chick-fila.  A clean house isn't valuable but a house that has room to host friends is. You can't do that with 5 weeks of laundry on the floor, apparently. 

I'm learning to be kind to myself.  To let go of the pressure to over-achieve and be defined by what I "accomplish" and instead learn to say no.  To say no with confidence and still love myself afterwards.  To know that my time is valuable and I'm defined by how I love.  You can't love accomplishments or accolades... but you can love people.

So, dear sweet souls, be kind to yourself. Pamper yourself and look in that mirror and say "dang, I look good".  But also, say no.  Don't be so busy accomplishing that you forget to leave a legacy of loving people well.  The world needs you and your gifts of love. 

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I love you dear sweet souls. I really do. Choose joy because you're worth it and don't let anyone or anything make you forget that you're dearly loved. I'll be here to remind you. 



The Lovely Adventurer