Update + You're Enough

Dear Ones, 

Gosh... it's been so long since I've made myself sit down and write.  Honestly, I've been avoiding it like the plague. Not that I really have anything dramatic or terrible to tell you... I just felt lost in what I wanted to say.  

I went to Australia for 8 weeks. It was beautiful. I can't really put into words how much I loved it. We adventured.. we saw family and friends (except for you, dear Gracie... next time, I'm determined!).  There will never be enough time.  We will always have things we want to do but can't... but it was incredible and we got to do so much.  

We came home to winter and excited dogs and a familiar bed and beautiful friends.  It was so good to be home.

Since being home I've sat and stared at all my crafty things... all my vintage treasures I've been storing up... I've cleaned them and rearranged them (my biggest form of procrastination) and told myself that once it's all perfectly organized... then... then I will start to make things.  

It's all perfectly organized. It has been for weeks.

I scroll through Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest looking at all these articles that say "Make 7928370384 billion dollars just from working at home!", "Create the perfect website so all your customers will buy your things!", "Use social media correctly and earn 6903495x more dollars!", "Take my free webinar and all tell you all my secrets except for the one that will make you money... you'll have to pay for that!".  I scroll... and I scroll... and I scroll... and I read all these messages that tell me it's easy.  I don't have the secrets. I need more money. I'm trying too hard. My brain isn't working properly. I should give up if I don't know the secrets.

I know these articles and webinars and all these things are meant to be helpful.  I've actually found great tips from some of them.  If you're looking to do something you've never done, education is key.  But currently... they've overwhelmed me. I don't know if any of you out there can relate but I just got lost in it.  I got lost thinking that what I'm doing isn't like everyone else...and that's not really okay to be different. What I make isn't cool enough. The things I know and the things I've taught myself just aren't enough. 

And then today.. I don't know what it was.. maybe it was seeing about 60 more articles telling me to earn $100,000 from home in my newsfeed (please for the LOVE Andrea get off Facebook... I know, I know) but I opened up my computer and started writing this because I thought that there has to be a dreamer out there who feels lost with me. 

We are creative beings. There are so many things we should do. So many algorithms and steps to follow and ways our pictures should look and a new social media we should have and products we should be selling and and and and and... it really never stops. The list of shoulds will always be there.  

But my dear dreamer, I don't want to be a "should" with everyone else.  I want to be creative, I want to dream. I want to do things my own way. Articles and social media will forever tell us to fit in. To follow the steps. To get more money. To be the best and beat everyone else. 

I lost myself in the shoulds. I started this little lovely adventure because I LOVE creating. It makes me so happy. And even more than that... I love having a platform to tell you that you are so ridiculously loved. You're beautiful and brave and the world needs a you so badly.  

So I made this little lovely for you, 


Because, it's true. Don't let it steal your joy or your dream. 

If you'd like to print this off or send it to someone you love, you can download fo free it HERE

We are enough. Don't give up on your dreams... whatever they are.  Maybe they aren't selling something or creating ... maybe it's just to wake up earlier, to be tidier... to eat more chocolate. Whatever your dreams are... read the articles, read all the things, do whatever it takes to educate yourself to achieve your dream.  But, don't let them get you lost. Don't let them tell you that you aren't enough.  Just begin. If you have passion and heart then you have enough to begin.  

And let me also say that I've begun a lot of things with passion and heart and failed.  I gave up (waking up earlier), I got lazy (waking up earlier), it wasn't for me (waking up earlier) or it just made me unhappy and I didn't HAVE to do it (waking up earlier). But if it's a dream or goal that gives you life and joy but you're stuck because you feel like you aren't doing it the way everyone says you should be.. keep going. I think that joy, genuine intention and passion are recognized and rewarded more than doing all the right things. 

Plus, I'll always be cheering for you. 

If you feel stuck or lost or need to be reminded that you're loved... please oh please email me, comment, message me or send a carrier pigeon. I'd love to remind you that you're enough, pray for you and cheer for you. 

I love you, dear sweet souls. I missed writing to you. 


The Lovely Adventurer

P.s. My shop will re-open on April 17th (one month before my 29th Birthday! ahh!) I can't wait.